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Scent-Free Odor Eliminators

Have you ever tried to cover up odor with overbearing fragrance, only to find that the bad smell comes back in a few hours? Moso Natural creates products that actually eliminate the odor at the source and do so without using any fragrance or harsh chemicals.

What is an Air Purifying Bag?

Instead of covering up odors with artificial fragrance, the Moso Bag acts like a magnet to absorb the odor and eliminate it for good. It does not need batteries or wires to work; it does not smell like anything; and has absolutely no chemicals in it. The Moso Bag is a more compact replacement for bulkier, plug-in air purifiers and can be used in hard-to-purify spaces. Besides being a great odor absorber, the Moso Bag also dehumidifies to keep your space dry. We created a few sizes and designs for different spaces of your home but it is all the same active ingredient- ionized moso bamboo charcoal.

What's in the Bag?

We keep using this word Moso, but what on earth is it? Moso (moh-soh) is the type of bamboo that we use to make our charcoal, hence, moso bamboo charcoal. It's the only ingredient inside all of our air purifying bags. Each piece of charcoal has millions of tiny porous holes that are able to magnetically attract particles and absorb them out of the air. It may seem like the Moso Bag is just sitting there but it is actually working for you 24/7. Our charcoal is non-toxic, and safe to use around children or pets.

New Scent-Free Odor Eliminating Spray

For a faster fix to odor, try our new Odor Eliminating Spray. This innovative solution uses specially formulated probiotics to actively target and destroy odor-causing molecules, without using overbearing fragrance. Shake the bottle gently and spray 3-5 pumps into the air for long-lasting fresh air. Our free and clear formula contains no harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances or added color and is safe for people, pets and the planet.

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